French Classical Specialist Adds DPA Mics to New Studio

Leading French classical engineer Nicolas Bartholomée has purchased 20 DPA microphones for his new Parisian recording studio, Little Tribeca. The mics have been purchased from DPA’s French distributor, Audio2.Bartholomée, who has worked on more than 1,000 recordings since he began in 1987, has amassed an arsenal of four 4015 wide cardioids, two 4006-TL transformerless omnis, two 4027 compact wide cardioids, four 4052 compact omnis, two 4090 omni instrument mics and six 4041 large diaphragm mics – the latter being a recent discovery which he claims has opened a new world of recording up to him.

“I’m more than convinced that DPA mics are the most natural sounding available on the market,” he says. “Each step of my recording process is essential: the choice of repertoire, the acoustics, the microphone and where it is to be set, the post-production and finally the media which will allow the moment to be shared with the widest audience.”

Bartholomée has a favourite DPA microphone for all applications. “I use the 4027s and 4052s in all videos applications where the mics must be discreet while sounding great, and many musicians are astonished that these little mics sound similar to the 4006-TL,” he says. “The 4015 is used for mixes where omnidirectionality is a problem, and is exceptional when used in conjunction with the 4041. For me, the 4041 is perfect in any situation. The sensitivity is tremendous, the sound deep, large and extremely clear. And to mix the 4041 with other 4041s is like a sonic miracle! I cannot imagine a better situation for classical sound recording.”

Bartholomée founded Musica Numéris, a company dedicated to classical music recording and post production, 20 years ago, and has been artistic director for the Ambroisie label since it launched in 1999. He is also musical advisor to artists including Jordi Savall and Barbara Hendricks.

Liens vers les microphones utilisés :


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