DPA Microphones a lancé le WXY4000, un support stéréo compact XY destiné au WINDPAC®système de cage anti-vent DPA et créé ainsi l’outil idéal pour l’enregistrement stéréo en extérieur.

Two DPA 4023 Compact Cardioid microphones are mounted in the WXY4000 to form a coincident intensity difference XY stereo configuration with 90° between the capsules. This provides a compact stereo microphone for X-Y stereo recording in ENG/EFP applications. The integral windshield and shock mount system makes the setup particularly suitable for location recording.

The WXY4000 is constructed from black anodized aluminium with rubber mounting rings to ensure durability and stability. It has two LEMO connectors for simple and safe mounting and removal of the microphones. The audio signal is routed directly to the 5-pin XLR male stereo output connector. 

The WXY4000 can also be used with the DPA UA0897 Shock Mount for applications ranging from stand mounting in the studio through to close miking of instruments such as piano. 

For more information about stereo recording techniques, please refer to the Microphone University section on the DPA website.


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